2023-11-18 MARKINA

On 18 November 2023, Benjamins of Ondarru Swim Team (born 2013-2015) and Alevines (born 2011-2012) had competition at the Atxondo sports centre in Markina. It was the first competition of the season for young people. For those born in 2015, it was also the first time they went out to compete. Thanks to the coach Ioar Urkiri the initial nerves soon dissipated. Together with Atxondo I.K.T of Markina, C.N.Tabira of Durango and Gorostia of Berriz, our swimmers took part in several tests. Ioar had the collaboration of the junior swimmers Naroa Osa and Dylan Akarregi. All the Alevines were also dedicated to cheering and helping the kids. A fantastic job of the coach and all the swimmers. Congratulations!!